Red Runs the River


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Red Runs the River is the story of two wars—one in the heart of General Richard Stoddert Ewell and the other on the battlefields of Manassas and Bull Run. The film traces the influence of General Stonewall Jackson’s vigorous faith on the profane, unbelieving Ewell. When Ewell meets God on the battlefield, he learns that surrender to God brings true victory. The story of these two men is complemented by the exploits of the flamboyant General Jeb Stuart. Red Runs the River is a saga of history, humor, and excitement, showing that strong convictions change the course of nations—and men.

“The production is fantastic, and very emotionally moving at times.”


Running time: 90 min, 220px-Closed_captioning_symbol, English subtitles                                                                                                                                                                                                     Released: 1963