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Sheffey is based on the true story of a nineteenth century circuit-riding preacher, who as a young man follows his rowdy friends to a revival meeting and there finds the Lord. A man of prayer, tireless service, and great compassion, “Brother Sheffey” rides through the Appalachian Mountains spreading the gospel. Although he suffers the loss of his two greatest treasures in one day, Sheffey still finds forgiveness in his heart for the person who causes his sorrow. This film captures the warmth and compassion of a man whose soul is on fire for the Lord.

“I have seen it many times, and it is just as powerful every time I see it.”         “‘Sheffey’ is an unforgettable film.”


Running time: 137 min, 220px-Closed_captioning_symbol, English, Spanish, and Chinese subtitles, Production documentary                                                                                             Released: 1978

imdb        SilverMedal