The Golden ROM


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Join Chester Cedartree as he writes about the unusual world of Bell Junction, where Myron lives with Grandma and his sister, Emily. Myron is obsessed with collecting—at first shiny buttons—but then Fitch’s flashy car takes his fancy. He offers Fitch the buttons in exchange for the car. But when that’s not enough, Myron eyes Grandma’s treasured golden ROM, unequaled in value. Will greed warp Myron’s character and endanger those he loves most? Will he ever be able to regain their trust? Enjoy this fully animated story of The Golden ROM. Children of all ages will enjoy this delightful presentation, filled with important lessons in family values.


Running time: 19 min, 220px-Closed_captioning_symbol, English subtitles, Bonus features include Idea-Corn, The Six Travelers, and Don Gato                                                           Released: 2001

imdb    crownawardAWARDOFMERIT