Wine of Morning

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Have you ever wondered about Barabbas, the man whom the mob chose instead of Christ?  Where he came from?  What his motives were?  How he became a murderer and an outlaw?  What happened to him after Pilate released him and condemned Jesus Christ to die on his cross? Wine of Morning, based on Dr. Bob Jones Jr.’s book of the same title, suggests an answer to each of these questions. Barabbas, as pictured in the book and interpreted on screen by Al Carter, is vital, alive, plausible—the real man as he might have been!

“The most spectacular color production of its day.”  “A picture that will stir those who love God and will bring men to know Him.”


Running time: 120 min., 220px-Closed_captioning_symbol, English subtitles                                                                                                                                                                                               Released: 1955