Appalachian Trial Testimonials

Jonpray“I am writing this for my 8 year old daughter…while she was watching Appalachian Trial, it came to the part where the boy gets saved. The rest is her words she is asking me to write. ‘I paused the movie and came to my Dad and asked him if I could be saved. We talked about it for a while, then I prayed and asked Jesus to come into my heart and I believed he died on the cross for my sins. In no time I was saved and my Dad wrote it down in his Bible.’ Thank you for doing this movie. One little girl was saved because of the clear message it presents.”



“All families, no matter what their faith can benefit from this film. It’s important for our children to learn moral values…”


“…9 yr. old, Benjamin, is absolutely taken with APPALACHIAN TRIAL. He is wearing it out. The significant thing is that he has never been particularly interested in videos, or in music. But he plays this movie constantly and loves the music.”