Flame in the Wind Character and Actor Bios

carloscloseupCarlos (David Hewson)

Carlos, a young noble and son of Contessa de Nuera, caught in a tragedy of history, is desperately searching for the truth and for a cause worthy of his dedication.

A student during the production of Flame in the Wind, David had a little experience acting in student projects, but nothing on the level of a major production.  However, after watching his earnestness and dedication during the casting process, Unusual Films decided to give him the part.  The result is Carlos – a living, feeling character torn between what he sees and what he believes.  David Hewson graduated from Bob Jones University in 1972.


FlameJrMunebraga (Bob Jones Jr.)

The ruthless Inquisitor General, Bishop Gaspar Munebraga, was sent to Seville to crush the Bible believers and ordered a number of them burned at the stake.

Dr. Bob Jones Jr. was largely responsible for the rich cultural education at Bob Jones University.  He played nearly every major Shakespearean character, from Hamlet to Shylock—whom he also played in the Unusual Films production Pound of Flesh.  In the highly acclaimed film Wine of Morning, Unusual Films’ first major production, he played Pontius Pilate.  He starred as General Richard Ewell in the Civil War epic Red Runs the River, and in Flame in the Wind, Dr. Jones played the memorable role of the evil Grand Inquisitor Munebraga.  His last major film role was in The Printing, as KGB General Smirov.


BJIIIcloseupFernando (Bob Jones III)

Fernando is a stouthearted smuggler of the Scriptures to the Spanish people.

Bob Jones University’s longest acting president, Dr. Bob Jones III now serves as the University’s Chancellor. His film roles include Dysmas in Wine of Morning, Jeb Stuart in Red Runs the River, and Fernando in Flame in the Wind. Dr. Jones is also an accomplished stage actor, playing many Shakespearean characters and various other roles. His memorable roles include the title characters in Macbeth and Cyrano de Bergerac. Dr. Jones maintains a full schedule of preaching and speaking engagements across the country.


RuppMendez (Richard Rupp)

Mendez is a frustrated Inquisitor torn between his concern for Carlos and his loyalty to the Church.

First seen in Dr. Bob Jones Sr.’s dramatic vignette film Calvary, Dr. Rupp appeared in a variety of film roles: Inquisitor Mendez in Flame in the Wind, James Stafford in Sheffey, and the Russian pastor Aleksandr in The Printing. Dr. Rupp served as Director of Ministerial Training at BJU, a post he held from 1977 to 1991, and later served as Missions Counselor for Gospel Fellowship Association. Dr. Rupp went to be with the Lord in 2012.


PanosianFray Cristobal (Edward Panosian)

Cristobal is the prior of the Jeromite Monastery of San Isodoro who faithfully teaches the Scriptures in the face of impending death.

Known as the “voice of God” in countless vesper productions at Bob Jones University and the feature film Wine of Morning, Edward Panosian is a talented and versatile actor.  From the kindly Fray Cristobal in Flame in the Wind to Cedeti, Hajji of the African village in Beyond the Night, Dr. Panosian also stars in The Printing as Yakov the Bible printer, and in The Treasure Map, Unusual Films first family film, as the Grandfather. Most recently, he appeared in a cameo role in Milltown Pride.


EdwardsDelores (Elizabeth Edwards)

Dorlores, a dedicated servant to the Contessa, attends the young mother at childbirth and subsequently rears Carlos as her own. 

Long-time member of the Speech faculty at Bob Jones University, Mrs. Edwards has played many roles for both stage and film.  She appeared in one of Unusual Film’s first productions, Light of the World, as Mary Gaston Jones.  She portrayed the faithful Delores in Flame in the Wind, and the motherly Mrs. Kincannon in Sheffey.  Her stage roles include Portia from The Merchant of Venice, Gertrude from Hamlet, and Lady Macbeth.  Mrs. Edwards continued to be active in the lives of Speech students until her death in 2004.


BenethContessa de Nuera (Beneth Jones)

When the Contessa hears that her husband has been taken by the Inquisition, she goes into labor and dies giving birth to Carlos.

Wife of Dr. Bob Jones III, Mrs. Jones is also an accomplished actress and has held key roles for both Unusual Films and the BJU Classic Players. Her film roles include la Contessa de Nuera in Flame in the Wind, and Eliza Sheffey in Sheffey, and Mrs. Brewster in Milltown Pride. On stage, she has appeared as Rosalind (As You Like It), Gertrude (Hamlet) and Lady Macbeth (Macbeth). She frequently travels with Dr. Jones on his speaking tours, and is herself a noted women’s speaker and author of several books including Sunshine on the Soap-Suds and Mount Up With Wounded Wings.


BoppFather Bernardo (Emery Bopp)

Father Bernardo is an old Jeromite monk who, after a lifetime in the Church, cannot tear himself away from its tradition. 

Former Chairman of the Division of Art and a long-time faculty member, Flame in the Wind was Mr. Bopp’s first acting experience.  From there, he went on to several other roles, including the old preacher in Sheffey.  On stage, his roles include Archibald in Henry IV. Mr. Bopp went home to be with the Lord in 2007.



PrattThe Penitent (Robert Pratt)

The Penitent has been imprisoned in Triana Castle for years by the Inquisition.

A teacher in the Speech Department and Radio & Television program at Bob Jones University, Mr. Pratt went on to become Chairman of the Division of Speech. From the film roles of Jonathan (Wine of Morning), the Penitent (Flame in the Wind), and Tyler Frazier (Sheffey) to the stage roles Julius Caesar, Iago, and Polonius, Mr. Pratt had a dynamic and varied acting career. He went to be with the Lord in 1998.