Flame in the Wind Testimonials

“It cuts across the confusion of a tragic era to bare the heart of the Gospel.”


CarlosIII“The film causes me, as a Christian, to realize the great faith and courage of the men like Carlos, Fernando, and Cristobal who were willing to die and be tortured for the faith in Jesus Christ.”


“…the simplicity of our gospel is so evident that one cannot possibly leave the film without knowing how to be saved, and without desiring the unfailing faith seen so wonderfully portrayed.”



“This movie also made a deep impression on my heart. I believe this movie has strengthen[ed] my impression of Christ Jesus, and helped me [realize] what a true Christian must be willing to go through to prove his love for Christ Jesus as his Saviour.”

“Undoubtedly one of the most stirring and touching films I have ever seen.”


FlameBobPratt2“‘Flame in the Wind’ was tremendous! Near the end of the film, nearly all of the congregation were in tears.”


“I came to know the Lord through the challenging film entitled ‘Flame in the Wind.’”