Milltown Pride Reviews and Testimonials



Review by Melinda Ledman



From a pastor who showed the film at his church in 2011:

Billy Sunday at the pulpit“Our church scheduled a showing of Milltown Pride specifically for the purpose of connecting with people in our community who had never attended our regular services. We used several professional advertising media: a 12-foot banner in front of our building, full-color posters in strategic public locations, personal printed invitations, and free “tickets” available at a local fast-food outlet. That evening our auditorium was nearly full, and more than half of the attendees were new to our church. The film includes a powerful presentation of the Gospel, making this an exciting evangelistic outreach.”


Comment from a Pastor who showed the film at his church in 2012:

BoMillEntranceComp18x18“It was well received, and the best news is that a 10 year old boy went home after and spoke to his Mom, saying: “I’m just like the guy in the film – I’ve heard about Jesus, but have never personally invited Him to come into my life and be my Savior.” He prayed that night with his Mom and was saved! Praise the Lord!”



From a mother of some cast extras:


“My children thoroughly enjoyed their experience as cast extras in the filming of Milltown Pride. EVERYONE we met from Unusual Films was remarkable … professional, respectful, patient (even in the 100 degree heat and high humidity). If you ever do another project, we would love to be involved again. May the Lord richly bless all of you in any future production efforts!”



From a church in Michigan in 2011:

YoungBoysComposite32x16“Add another salvation to your list! We showed it this weekend in our church…and a young person came to receive Christ! There was also another decision from a believer who wanted to get some things right with the Lord.”



From a church in Nebraska in 2011:

BSundayTrio16x12“Before the movie started, two men came in the church. They thought we were having a wake…They were told no we are having the movie Milltown Pride, but you are welcome to come in and watch it, there is no charge. They came in and when [the pastor] gave the invitation to get saved… GUESS WHAT!!?? That is right they got saved. That was not a coincidence. Praise God!”



From a church in South Carolina in 2011:

Chick rounding third“We ran the movie without intermission. Four people marked on the response cards that they received Christ at the Milltown Pride showings here at our church. Praise the Lord!”




From a VP in Radio in 2011:

ParkingLot28x12“It was one of the best independent films I’ve seen. I thought the characters were authentic and I was very impressed with the sets, period automobiles and costumes. Plus, Will Wright was a modern day (if modern is 1920) version of the prodigal son.”




From a church who showed the film in 2011:

Lawsons245x150“Last Sunday night…we showed the newest Unusual Films movie Milltown Pride. We saturated our community with flyers and invited friends, neighbors, and bus families. Although no one from the community came, we did have three bus families present. The movie contains two solid Gospel presentations, and my husband presented the Gospel once again at the end, with an invitation to come forward and accept Christ. We had high hopes that someone would be saved that night, and we naturally thought it would be someone from a bus family. But after the service, the youngest child of one of our faithful church families came crying to her mother, saying she needed to be saved! Praise the Lord for one of our own getting saved!”