The Printing Character and Actor Bios

DimitriDmitri (David Burke)

Son of a pastor in Leningrad, Dmitri despises his father’s obedience to government regulations at the expense of the Bible he preaches. Arrested for anti-government activities, he serves two years in prison and as an orderly in a special hospital, where they treat insane people—and keep political prisoners like Yakov, a pastor and Bible printer. After his release, Dmitri meets Yakov’s daughter Galina and visits her “unregistered” church, a group of believers who meet without government permission. Then Galina’s brother Stepan is killed, and Dmitri finds himself in the middle of a Bible printing operation, trying to stay one step ahead of the KGB.

 In his first film role, David Burke drew upon considerable acting experience, having portrayed a number of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters in the Bob Jones University Classic Players productions. David also appears in Unusual Films’ Milltown Pride as Evangelist Billy Sunday.


 Smirov (Dr. Bob Jones Jr.)

Head of the Bureau of Religious Affairs, General Smirov finds nothing more irritating than these Christians who won’t stop printing Bibles and causing trouble. He’s especially eager to recapture the Bible printer Yakov, who is not only smart and daring, but seems to have an uncanny knack of avoiding KGB pursuit.

Dr. Bob Jones Jr. was largely responsible for the rich cultural education at Bob Jones University.  He played nearly every major Shakespearean character, from Hamlet to Shylock—whom he also played in the Unusual Films production Pound of Flesh.  In the highly acclaimed film Wine of Morning, Unusual Films’ first major production, he played Pontius Pilate.  He starred as General Richard Ewell in the Civil War epic Red Runs the River, and in Flame in the Wind, Dr. Jones played the memorable role of the evil Grand Inquisitor Munebraga.  His last major film role was in The Printing, as KGB General Smirov.


Yakov (Dr. Edward Panosian)

For Yakov, no price is too high to pay to get the Word of God to his countrymen in their own language, even if he has to risk KGB attention to print the Bibles himself. Even if it costs him his life—or his family.

Known as the “voice of God” in countless vesper productions at Bob Jones University and the feature film Wine of Morning, Edward Panosian is a talented and versatile actor.  From the kindly Fray Cristobal in Flame in the Wind to Cedeti, Hajji of the African village in Beyond the Night, Dr. Panosian also stars in The Printing as Yakov the Bible printer, and in The Treasure Map, Unusual Films’ first family film, as the Grandfather. Most recently, he appeared in a cameo role in Milltown Pride.


Aleksandr (Dr. Richard Rupp)

Father of the anti-government protester Dmitri, Aleksandr, a Leningrad pastor, loves his church and wants to protect it. But as the price to remain registered grows greater, limiting his sermons and forbidding “unapproved” baptism, he must decide which comes first—his church, or his God.

First seen in Dr. Bob Jones Sr.’s dramatic vignette film Calvary, Dr. Rupp appeared in a variety of film roles: Inquisitor Mendez in Flame in the Wind, James Stafford in Sheffey, and the Russian pastor Aleksandr in The Printing. Dr. Rupp served as Director of Ministerial Training at BJU, a post he held from 1977 to 1991, and later served as Missions Counselor for Gospel Fellowship Association. Dr. Rupp went to be with the Lord in 2012.

PrintingPolsonGushchin (Dr. Lonnie Polson)

After several failures, Gushchin is told that finding and recapturing the Bible printer Yakov is his last chance. These Christians are tricky. They know how to hide their work, but they also have families for the KGB to watch and follow. And why is that young hooligan Dmitri hanging around with Yakov’s daughter? He may be slow and unimaginative, but if there are clues to be found, Gushchin is the man to find them.

 Lonnie Polson first appeared in the role of young preacher Ed Bailey in the Unusual Films production Sheffey.  He went on to play KGB Major Gushchin in The Printing, and Mr. Thornridge in The Treasure Map and Project Dinosaur.

GalinaGalina (Janiece Robinson)

Galina and her brother Stepan have spent their whole lives under the shadow of the KGB. Their father Yakov has been sent to camps and special hospitals for “treatment” because of his Bible printing and has just been released again. Now the family is back in business, finding safe houses, smuggling printing plates, and dodging KGB surveillance. And on top of everything, Dmitri, the son of a hypocritical Leningrad pastor, is following her around.

The character of Galina was Janiece Robinson’s first film-acting role, which she assumed along with her responsibilities as a graduate assistant at Bob Jones University.  Previously, she had participated in a number of stage productions at BJU.


Yuri (Ron Pyle)

A true and loyal friend, clever smuggler Yuri has connections everywhere. There’s nothing he can’t sell or get through the black market. After his friend Dmitri is released and wants to get back to their former political action, Yuri cautions he must be more careful now since he’s married and can’t take risks like he used to. But a friend is a friend, and when Dmitri needs some things fast, Yuri is the one for the job.

Ron’s first film role was as Yuri in The Printing. His most recent Unusual Films’ role was Mr. Crandall in Appalachian Trial. Ron has also directed and acted in many Shakespearean plays.