The Printing Review and Testimonials

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“I have been on 9 mission trips to many of the former Soviet Union [countries] and was fascinated by the accuracy of your telling film. The people, the houses, the Russian made cars, worshiping in the forests, the backgrounds, every scene was like I was reliving the stories that I have personally heard from the mouths of so many of my dear brothers and sisters that lived through the 60 black years of the Communist reign.”

“We enjoyed the movie “The Printing” very much. My brothers and sisters and I watched it ten times over six weeks!”


“We watched it with our youth group in church, and a lot of people were very much impressed by the plot. Most of us were born in the former Soviet Union (we are Germans and returned to our home country after the perestroika), some of our parents had to suffer persecution as well. So the movie touched our hearts, as we are [personally] tightly connected to the happenings described there.”

“We love watching “The Printing,” and it has really increased our capacity and desire to pray for persecuted Christians in other lands, as well as helping us appreciate the religious freedom we have in America.”

warehouse“It has stirred up my heart with a greater desire to love and value the Bible even more, and to be a witness of Jesus Christ while we can.”

“…we all loved the movie! My father thought it was taken on site in Russia!! Please continue making movies about Christians serving the Lord no matter what the circumstances!”