Project Dinosaur Character and Actor Bios

Imacon Color ScannerMichael (Mikey) Wisniewski (Richard Robbins)

Mikey is determined that this year he’s going to finally beat his nemesis, Simon, in the science fair. When Mikey finds an old dinosaur bone, he begins a journey on a new science fair project and discovers what he really believes about evolution and creation.

The role of “Mikey Wisniewski” was Richard Robbins’ introduction to Unusual Films productions. Richard played this character in both Project Dinosaur and The Treasure Map.


Imacon Color ScannerNathan Thornridge (Nathan Pinner)

Nathan is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Thornridge. When his parents move into an old mansion they’ve inherited, he meets 4 neighborhood kids, and he becomes fast friends with them all. He and the others encourage Mikey to research the dinosaur bone and find out more about it. Not only that, he challenges Mikey’s belief in evolution.

The role of Nathan Thornridge was Nathan Pinner’s first major film role. He played this character in both Project Dinosaur and The Treasure Map. Nathan has since graduated with a degree in International Business in 2007 from Bob Jones University.  Nathan works for Fluor Corporation and is married and living in South Carolina.


davidcloseupDavid McKenzie (Matthew Miller)

David is the spunky brother of Amber McKenzie. There’s no doubt in his mind about how the world was created, and he encourages David towards creationism. When Mikey’s dinosaur bone goes missing at the science fair, David displays his detective skills and helps solve the mystery.

Matthew Miller made his film debut playing the character “David McKenzie.” Matthew played this character in both Project Dinosaur and The Treasure Map. Matthew is a graduate of Bob Jones University. He is married and has one son.


Imacon Color ScannerAmber McKenzie (Amanda Nichols)

Amber is the smart sister of David McKenzie. Like Mikey, Amber is also working on a science fair project. She plans to use Mikey’s remote control plane to demonstrate a phenomenon called imprinting. When Mikey’s plane crashes, Amber and the others help him find a new direction for his project.

The role of Amber McKenzie was Amanda’s first appearance in an Unusual Films production. She played the same character in both Project Dinosaur and The Treasure Map. Amanda is a graduate of Bob Jones University and works as a personal trainer. She lives with her husband in South Carolina.


Grace Lee (Emily Ranieri)

Grace is quiet and smart. When things go awry, she’s steady and helpful in her response. But there are some things that are just too much for her—like digging in a dumpster. Boy is she glad when she gets David to do it instead of her!

Emily Ranieri’s film debut was as the character Grace Lee in The Treasure Map. She went on to play the same role in Project Dinosuar. Since her participation in two Unusual Films productions, she has gone on to graduate from Bob Jones University. She is a consultant with RCG Global Services.


Imacon Color ScannerSimon (Philip Eoute)

Simon is the obnoxious nemesis of Mikey. He’s happy when Mikey’s plane crashes and has no problem rubbing it into Mikey’s face. Although he’s an irritating opponent, would he steal Mikey’s dinosaur bone to sabotage Mikey’s chances at the science fair?

Philip Eoute’s first major role in an Unusual Films production was the character “Simon” in Project Dinosaur. An accomplished actor, Philip has played several Shakespearean roles. Philip works at Bob Jones University and serves as a Photo and Video Supervisor.  He is married and has 2 children.


Edgar Smith (Christopher Nicholas)

Edgar pals around with Simon believing that Simon will help him do a better job with his own science fair project. Although he appears weak, no one suspects what he’s actually capable of until the day of the science fair.

Christopher Nicholas made his film debut Project Dinosaur as “Edgar Smith.” Since his participation in this film, he has gone on to graduate with two degrees from Bob Jones University. Christopher is married and works as an Account Executive for a company called Worthwhile in South Carolina.