Project Dinosaur Testimonials

Imacon Color Scanner “You know, I’ve NEVER been to or seen a science fair…NOW after watching Project Dinosaur, I’d love to see snapshots of various science fair projects. I was shocked to see the young kids do research on the video. Wow!…”




Imacon Color Scanner“Please do more of the same type of thing! We love them (The Treasure Map and Project Dinosaur) and want more good entertainment like this.”






Imacon Color Scanner“I really enjoyed watching Project: Dinosaur…I just thought I would tell you that when I was in seventh grade (public school) I did a creation/evolution project for my science fair, got a superior, and went on to compete in the Ohio regional…I didn’t have a dinosaur bone. While watching the film, I thought ‘Oh man, this is my life story!’ So, in other words, your story is not completely fictional, but I am sure would apply to thousands of Christian students who stand up for their faith in the public schools.”