Red Runs the River Character and Actor Bios

BobJrGen. Richard Ewell (Bob Jones Jr.)

Hard-drinking, hard-swearing General Ewell is a tired man. He’s fighting insurmountable odds in his own life as well as on the battlefield. And that Bible-quoting General Jackson doesn’t help matters, holding his revival meetings and raising questions in Ewell’s own life.

Dr. Bob Jones Jr. was largely responsible for the rich cultural education at Bob Jones University.  He played nearly every major Shakespearean character, from Hamlet to Shylock—whom he also played in the Unusual Films production Pound of Flesh.  In the highly acclaimed film Wine of Morning, Unusual Films’ first major production, he played Pontius Pilate.  He starred as General Richard Ewell in the Civil War epic Red Runs the River, and in Flame in the Wind, Dr. Jones played the memorable role of the evil Grand Inquisitor Munebraga.  His last major film role was in The Printing, as KGB General Smirov.


StuartJ.E.B. Stuart (Bob Jones III)

Adventurous, daring and flamboyant, General Jeb Stuart plans and leads a brilliant raid against the Union army. Stuart is also a friend of Jackson and often assists in the revival meetings, speaking and leading singing.

Bob Jones University’s longest acting president, Dr. Bob Jones III now serves as the University’s Chancellor. His film roles include Dysmas in Wine of Morning, Jeb Stuart in Red Runs the River, and Fernando in Flame in the Wind. Dr. Jones is also an accomplished stage actor, playing many Shakespearean characters and various other roles. His memorable roles include the title characters in Macbeth and Cyrano de Bergerac. Dr. Jones maintains a full schedule of preaching and speaking engagements across the country.


Gen. “Stonewall” Jackson (Jack Buttram)Buttram

One of history’s most admired military figures, General “Stonewall” Jackson plays a key role in the life of fellow-general Richard Ewell. Equally at ease at prayer or in battle, his faith in Christ alone is a shining light to his men and fellow officers.

One of Unusual Films’ most frequently used actors, Jack Buttram has carried major roles in many of our productions. Starting as Stephen in Wine of Morning, he went on to portray General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson in Red Runs the River, Shedd McComb in Sheffey, and played the lead role of Almasihu the Doctor in Beyond the Night. His most recent appearance in an Unusual Films production was a cameo role in Milltown Pride as the doctor at the Newton Mill Hospital. On stage, he appeared in many roles, including the title role in Henry V, Touchstone from As You Like It, and Horatio from Hamlet. He taught radio for many years at BJU and worked in the field of Public Relations, including projects for such figures as Strom Thurmond. He and his wife Barbara live in South Carolina.


ApacheApache (Lonnie Iglesias)

Apache, General Ewell’s sidekick and “pet” makes trouble in the camp with his stealing and lying, but General Ewell’s softspot for him protects him from the wrath of the soldiers. But a question from Charlie, a teen artist, “But who made those stars, Apache?” starts Apache on a journey to a change of heart.

Lonnie Iglesias, who played the part of Apache, was a Bob Jones Academy student at the time of his participation in Red Runs the River. He lives in Panama and works as a translator and is also involved in ministry outreach.


FlagBearerCharlie (Stephen Green)

Charlie, a young teen artist from Lexington, stumbles onto General Ewell’s camp during the night in search of General Jackson. He follows along with General Ewell’s unit and eventually becomes a flag bearer, participating in the Battle of Manassas.

Stephen Green, then a student in Bob Jones Academy, played the part of Charlie.