Sheffey Testimonials

wabashSignFrom Rosemary in 2008:

“I just wanted someone to know how much I enjoyed the movie Sheffey. I watched it last night and cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it and the great message it relays…I have been going thru a bad time and it gave me the message I needed right when I needed it. So thank you for making this movie. I hope it will help many more people. I am going to recommend it to all of my friends.”


boppPreachesFrom Sarah in 2004:

“The video clearly showed me I needed to get saved. That night when I went to bed I could see how badly I needed a savior. At 10:04 I still could not get to sleep because I needed to surrender to God. So I got up and went down the hall to Dad and Mom’s room. Mom and Dad prayed with me and I asked Christ to come into my heart and save me from my sins. As I walked back to my room I felt, like a new creature. I thank God for his salvation that he so freely gives…”


exhorterFrom Virginia in 2002:

“The release of Sheffey came just after I had received Christ as my Savior at age 36. It made a deep impression on me as to how loving a servant of the Lord should be. I still watch that video every chance I get and try to get others to watch it too. It made a huge difference in my life as to how to serve others instead of expecting to be served.”


staffordDinnerFrom a Christian school teacher in 2002:

“Two videos that we show our fourth graders are The Printing and Sheffey! One might think that these videos are for “older people.” However, they make a great impact on students of this age…When we view “Sheffey” the students enjoy the humor and the actual life of this man as they see how selfless and giving he was. We have lots of tears when Sheffey gives up his horse to the needy couple and lots of laughs when he teaches the drinking man a lesson! Also, the students are greatly moved by Sheffey’s dedication and faithfulness to God and his spreading the gospel! I am very thankful as a teacher that I have such godly, wholesome videos that teach solid biblical principles, to show in my classroom.”