The Golden Rom Character and Actor Bios

BettyPcloseup     Grandmother (Betty Panosian)

Grandmother is wise and loving. Her greatest treasure (beyond her grandchildren of course!) is her golden ROM which she uses to play beautiful music for her grandchildren.

Betty Panosian has been an actor in both film and theatre. In addition to her first major film role as Lydia in The Printing, she was also the voice of Grandmother for Unusual Films’ first animated film, The Golden ROM. She has appeared on stage as Desdemona (Othello), Cordelia (King Lear), Ismene (Antigone), and Katherine (The Taming of the Shrew). She and her husband are retired and living in South Carolina.


DaveBurkeFitchGrinFitch (David Burke)

Fitch, the miserly old Mole of disreputable renown, is the owner of the motor car and the future owner of the golden ROM.  

David Burke’s first film role in an Unusual Films production was as Dmitri in The Printing. Later he voiced the character of Fitch in The Golden ROM. Most recently he appeared in Milltown Pride as Evangelist Billy Sunday. David also has considerable acting experience in theatre, having portrayed a number of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters.


StegallCloseupMyronButtonMyron (Jeff Stegall)

Myron, a collector of things, is overcome by his greed and steals Grandmother’s precious ROM in order to trade for Fitch’s wind-up car.  Not a good trade.  

Jeff Stegall’s first film role in an Unusual Films production was as Dr. Pilzer in Project Dinosaur. Later he voiced the character of Chester in The Golden ROM. Jeff has acted both in film and on stage. He has directed and acted in many Shakespearean plays. Jeff lives in South Carolina with his wife and 2 children.


PylecloseupChetOnMyrChester (Ron Pyle)

Chester is the writer/chronicler of the happenings in the miniature world of Belle Junction (“BJ” as in “BJU”). He is also Myron’s kind and thoughtful sidekick, Emily’s big brother, and Grandmother’s favorite grandson.  Chester tells the story of his Cousin Myron’s greed that led to all the misadventures captured in The Golden ROM. 

Ron Pyle’s first film role was as Yuri in The Printing.  Later he voiced the character Chester in The Golden ROM. His most recent Unusual Films’ role was Mr. Crandall in Appalachian Trial.  Ron has also directed and acted in many Shakespearean plays. Ron and his wife Cindy live in Greenville, SC, and they have four grown and married children.


Emily RebekahemilyCupEmily (Rebekah Moffett)

Emily, the demure younger sister of Myron, nearly loses her life because of her brother’s greed and folly concerning the miniature motor car.

Rebekah Moffett’s only role in an Unusual Films production is as the voice of Emily in The Golden ROM. Rebekah is a graduate of Bob Jones University and works as a Sales Coordinator for Transamerica Employee Benefits. She is married and lives in South Carolina.