The Treasure Map Character and Actor Bios


Imacon Color ScannerNathan Thornridge (Nathan Pinner)

Nathan is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Thornridge. When his parents move into an old mansion they’ve inherited, he meets 4 neighborhood kids, and he becomes fast friends with them all. Nathan has grown up in a Christian home, but he still has a lot of growing to do. When Edward White Eyes crosses his path, Nathan learns what it means to show true Christian kindness.

The role of Nathan Thornridge was Nathan Pinner’s first major film role. He went on to play the same role in Project Dinosaur. Nathan has since graduated with a degree in International Business in 2007 from Bob Jones University.  Nathan works for Fluor Corporation and is married and living in South Carolina.


David McKenzie (Matthew Miller)

David is the enthusiastic brother of Amber McKenzie. Whatever he pursues, he puts his whole self into it. When he sees Nathan expressing criticism of Edward, he’s not afraid to challenge him—knowing Nathan is in the wrong.

Matthew Miller made his film debut as “David McKenzie” in The Treasure Map. He also went on to play the same character in Project Dinosaur. Matthew is a graduate of Bob Jones University. He is married and has one son.


Imacon Color ScannerMichael (Mikey) Wisniewski (Richard Robbins)

Mikey is an intelligent and logical little boy who can’t resist a little adventure. Like David, he’s not afraid to stick up for Edward.

The role of “Mikey Wisniewski” was Richard Robbins’ introduction to Unusual Films productions. Richard played this character in both The Treasure Map and Project Dinosaur.




EmilyCupAmber McKenzie (Amanda Nichols)

Amber is the adventurous sister of David McKenzie. Good-natured, she willingly accepts Edward and can’t understand Nathan’s attitude.

The role of Amber McKenzie was Amanda’s first appearance in an Unusual Films production. She played the same character again in the film Project Dinosaur. Amanda is a graduate of Bob Jones University and is currently a personal trainer. She lives with her husband in South Carolina.



GracecloseupGrace Lee (Emily Ranieri)

Grace is quiet and smart. When her pals are examining the treasure map that’s been ruined by rain, Grace saves the day with a pencil and a pocket knife.

Emily Ranieri’s film debut was as the character Grace Lee in The Treasure Map. She went on to play the same character in Project Dinosaur. Since her participation in two Unusual Films productions, she has gone on to graduate from Bob Jones University. She is a consultant with RCG Global Services.



PanosianCloseupHenry Little Elk (Edward Panosian)

Henry Little Elk is Edward’s grandfather. Since Edward’s parents died, Henry’s done his best to raise and guide his grandson. Introducing him to his Indian heritage, he hopes Edward will be able to get beyond his emotional and moral struggles. When that doesn’t work, he takes Edward on an extended trip out east—a trip that ends up changing his and his grandson’s lives forever.   

Known as the “voice of God” in countless vesper productions at Bob Jones University and the feature film Wine of Morning, Edward Panosian is a talented and versatile actor.  From the kindly Fray Cristobal in Flame in the Wind to Cedeti, Hajji of the African village in Beyond the Night, Dr. Panosian also stars in The Printing as Yakov the Bible printer, and in The Treasure Map, Unusual Films’ first family film, as the Grandfather. Most recently, he appeared in a cameo role in Milltown Pride.


Edward White Eyes (Micah Gibson)

After losing his parents, Edward has struggled both emotionally and morally. Edward is very unhappy when his grandfather takes him on a long trip out east and away from his friends. The trip complicates his plan to sell his grandfather’s spirit bundle to Stanley Raeford. Through all that transpires, Edward learns what’s really important and finds a new start. 

The role of “Edward White Eyes” was Micah Gibson’s first appearance in an Unusual Films production. Micah participated in The Treasure Map when he was a student at Bob Jones Academy.



Stanley Raeford (Steve Eager)

Raeford is a small-time hoodlum who’s bound and determined to get a spirit bundle that Edward has promised to sell him—although Raeford has no intention of buying it. After Edward leaves town, Raeford finds out where he is staying and follows him. When Edward is not at the appointed meeting place, Raeford thinks that Edward has pulled one over on him.

Steve Eager’s first appearance in an Unusual Films production was in the role of “Raeford” in The Treasure Map. Steve is a musician and is married and living in South Carolina.