The Treasure Map Testimonials

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“I think you did a fantastic job in producing [The Treasure Map]. It is my favorite movie of all time. You chose the right person for every character, and you found the perfect person for Raeford. The movie has an exciting story with the map, the secret room, and the other entrance.”


Imacon Color Scanner“I am a Christian mother of a nine year old, and I just want to say to someone thank you for making, a decent, family video, good and clean with sharing morals, and values.”

“It was wonderful and I would recommend it to anybody!! I really didn’t know what to expect – but I was totally blown away with how professional it looked!! You all did a marvelous job bringing it all together perfectly!!”

stephenJones“It was outstanding! The music was beautiful, and I was engrossed in the story all the way through. I was teary-eyed from the Sunday school scene on!”

“The children all love The Treasure Map!”


Imacon Color Scanner“Thought you’d be interested to know that we picked up your new video “The Treasure Map” for daughter Diana. She’s 3 going on 4. Like any child, she goes through spells with what she watches. Sometimes she likes a movie so much that she’ll watch it every day. Other times she’ll watch half of something and be done with it for a time. When she got your film at Christmas she watched about half then was done with it, until recently. Now she has to see it at least once a day. I figure the children are probably better critics than us adults since the film is sort of aimed at them anyway. So, the critic has spoken:  DIANA WATCHES YOUR FILM EVERY DAY!”